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LeTAO Otaru
Post Number: 7/88

LeTAO Pathos Otaru

GPS: 43.19317580497197, 141.00714145111112

Phone: 0134-31-4500

Address: 5-22 Sakaimachi, Otaru, Hokkaido 047-0027

Open: 9am to 6pm

URL: https://www.letao.jp/shop/pathos.php

GPS: 43.19317580497197, 141.00714145111112

Service Options: Dine-in · Takeaway · No delivery

Doremo LeTAO (Doremorutao)

This is a famous Western confectionery shop in Otaru.

It is famous … Read More!

Mega Donki Houtei - Don Quijote
Post Number: 9/88

Mega Donki Houtei Odori (Don Quijote)

GPS: 43.056981637207045, 141.35256359803802

Phone: 0570-096-811

Open: 24 Hours

Address: 12-1, South 3 West 4, Central Ward, Sapporo

URL: https://www.donki.com/store/shop_detail.php?shop_id=555

GPS: 43.056981637207045, 141.35256359803802

Around Odori Bar & Pasta SALT BEAN’S La Tavolozza Mega Donki Houtei Odori (Don Quijote) Dance Studio Native Read More!

Post Number: 10/88

Gyomu Super Susukino Tanukikouji

GPS: 43.05816179316789, 141.35508225823253

Phone: 011-223-3360

Address: 1F Okumura Building, South 3 West 2, Central Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido 060-0062

Open: 9am to 10pm

URL: https://www.gyomusuper.jp/shop/detail.php?sh_id=1206

GPS: 43.05816179316789, 141.35508225823253

Tanukikouji Bearfoot Bar Osteria Crocchio Tako & Highball Tanukikouji Kirin – Dumplings & Yum ChaRead More!

Post Number: 11/88

Jupiter – Sapporo Aurora Town

GPS: 43.06034207912591, 141.35575339908877

Phone: 011-212-1511

Hours: 9am to 8pm

Address: Sapporo Aurora Town, 13-1, Odori West 1, Central Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan 060-0042

URL: https://www.jupiter-coffee.com/shop/shop_hokkaido_005.html

GPS: 43.06034207912591, 141.35575339908877

Around Odori Park TOKUMITSU COFFEE Cafe & Beans La Tavolozza Pizza Read More!

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some businesses are reporting reduced hours and/or temporary closures.
Please check hours before you go.

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