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If you would like your business listed on Hokkaido A4JP – Travel Guide & Information, one of Hokkaido’s newest information databases in Hokkaido, Japan, please fill out the form below.

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    Please submit your name, Facebook account, telephone number, Line ID or email address, just in case we need to check details with you. This info is optional though.

    For all other general inquiries, questions, problems, etc., please use the contact form on the Contact Page.


    Listings are currently done FREE OF CHARGE! That’s right, if you would like your business reviewed and placed on our website this can be done at no charge.

    Listings are usually one page of text with 1 to 5 images.
    Listings are currently shown in English and Japanese. More languages may be added in the future though.
    So contact us and get listed today!


    This website offers the chance for any HOKKAIDO OPERATING business or personalities to list their details on our site FREE OF CHARGE. These listings must fit into the categories of –

    Famous landmark, or interesting places to go.

    Hostels, capsule hotels, ryokans, or internet cafes with sleeping areas.

    This is for shops or shopping areas in Hokkaido. Shops categories include, but are not limited to clothing shops, snowboard & ski shops, sporting shops, hairdressers, shoes, furniture, etc.

    This area is for any type of restaurant, cafe with food or eating establishment in Hokkaido.

    Free or paid campsites around Hokkaido.

    List almost any type of pubs, bars, parties, nightclubs, live music venues, concerts, taverns, cabarets, theatres, cinemas, shows or entertainment venues in Hokkaido.

    The event category includes, but is not limited to posts from artists that work from or in Hokkaido, painters, musicians, bands, dancers, DJ’s, singers, performers, actors, directors, etc.

    For more information about these categories or applications in these categories or others please contact us.

    Currently all members accepted to these categories are listed 100% FREE OF CHARGE. We accept most applications and are also willing to expand categories in these areas to accommodate other types of businesses. ONLY BUSINESSES THAT ARE INTERNATIONAL FRIENDLY WILL BE LISTED.

    Paid Advertisements – Banners

    Support us and help keep this website running. Ads and advertisement pages for your business or personal profile.


    Top Header Banner Top Page Siders25,000 Yen*
    PC: Top Left Sidebar; Mobile: Above FooterAll Posts with Sidebars15,000 Yen*
    PC: Left Sidebar; Mobile: Above FooterAll Posts with Sidebars10,000 Yen*
    Bottom Footer Banner All Main Pages7,000 Yen*

    * All Banner Fees Given In Yen Per Month. ** All banners MUST be responsive.


    5,000 yen for detailed posts (advertising details and up to about 10 images).

    From 12,000 yen. English or Japanese translations of advertisements for shops or selected posts.

    21,000 yen for detailed pages (up to 7 hours of updates or programming)

    For all other general inquiries, questions, problems, etc., please contact us here: Contact Page.

    Note: March 2020, due to concerns about Covid-19,
    some businesses are reporting reduced hours and/or temporary closures.
    Please check hours before you go.

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