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This website offers business OPERATING IN HOKKAIDO, people or personalities to list their details on our site FREE OF CHARGE. These listings should fit into the categories of:

Famous landmarks, or interesting places to go.

Any type of restaurant, cafe with food or eating establishment in Hokkaido.

The event category includes, but is not limited to posts from artists that work from or in Hokkaido. Painters, musicians, bands, dancers, DJ’s, singers, performers, actors, directors, etc.

Pubs, bars, regular parties, nightclubs, international events, live music venues, concerts, taverns, cabarets, theatres, cinemas, shows or entertainment venues in Hokkaido.

Martial arts, skiing, snowboarding, golf, swimming, yoga, etc., except language schools (paid monthly fee).

Hostels, hotels, capsule hotels, ryokans, internet cafes with sleeping areas, etc.

Free or paid campsites around Hokkaido.

This is for shops or shopping areas in Hokkaido. The shop categories include, but are not limited to clothing, snowboard & ski shops, sporting shops, hairdressers, shoes, furniture, etc.

For more information about these categories, applications for categories or others, please contact us.

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Simple Adverts 2,000 to 10,000 Yen*
For detailed posts (advertising with up to about 20 images) 5,000 to 20,000 Yen*
For detailed pages (up to 7 hours of consultation/updates/programming) From 21,000 Yen*
English or Japanese translations of advertisements for shops or selected posts From 12,000 Yen*
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