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My name is Glen and I’m the programmer here. I’ve been living in Sapporo for over 22 years now.

Do something that really matters. Do something that actually changes peoples’ lives. Help people heal & help them survive.

Be a source of light to give people hope. Find the light and move towards joy and hope.

Hokkaido is a great place and we want to say thank you by giving back.


This site is to promote places and activities around Hokkaido.

Share the ones you like.

And also help keep the smaller shops open by showing people where they are.


This site is for tourist traveling around.

As well as people living in Hokkaido that just wanna find some new places.

This site is being checked and updated by a few people.

Sample Posts (Around Hokkaido)

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Note: Due to concerns about Covid-19,
some businesses are reporting reduced hours and/or temporary closures.
Please check hours before you go.

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