Toriton Sushi Restaurant

Toriton Sushi Restaurant

12 Nov 2020
GPS: 43.07278195398547, 141.36142915758708
Toriton Sushi Restaurant

Phone: 011-374-8666

Address: 19-1, North 8 East 5, East Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido 060-0908

Hours: 11:00 to 22:00 (Last Order at 21:30)


43.07278195398547, 141.36142915758708
43.07278195398547, 141.36142915758708

GPS: 43.07278195398547, 141.36142915758708

■ No seating or table reservations can be made here.
■ Cash only
■ Free parking
■ Separate toilets
■ Wheelchair access

The flavor of sushi does not only come from the topping. Master sushi chefs create the flavor of sushi using special techniques. With mackerel as an example, master sushi chefs change the amount of salt and vinegar depending on the size and fat content of the mackerel to maximize flavor. Salmon roe is prepared with a specially sauce to bring out its texture. Master sushi chefs use special techniques to make TORITON’s original flavor while maintaining the genuine freshness and taste of the ingredients. We are committed to this preparation process in order to provide our customers with this original TORITON flavor.

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