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Post Number: 8/19

Hokkai Seikan Otaru Factory No. 3 Warehouse

GPS: 43.20291403736201, 141.00050603367328

Phone: 0134-22-1177 Third Warehouse Utilization Meeting Secretariat (Otaru Chamber of Commerce; Yamazaki, Imai) Fax: 0134-29-0630

Address: 4-6 Minatomachi, Otaru, Hokkaido 047-0007

GPS: 43.20291403736201, 141.00050603367328

E-mail: dai3souko @ otarucci.jp

Designated Historic Landmarks of Otaru City

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Cape Soya
Post Number: 10/19

Cape Soya

GPS: 45.52291173410095, 141.93659835267476

Phone: 0162236161

Address: Soyamisaki, Wakkanai, Hokkaido 098-6758

URL: http://www.welcome.wakkanai.hokkaido.jp/archives/listings/saihokutan

GPS: 45.52291173410095, 141.93659835267476

Soya Misaki, Wakkanai-shi, Hokkaido

If the weather is good, you can see Russia from here. It’s the northernmost point of Japan.

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The Hill of Buddha Sapporo
Post Number: 11/19

Hill of Buddha

GPS: 42.92057956085291, 141.3627875680047

Phone011-592-1223 (Makomanai Takino Cemetery)

Address: Makomanai Takino Cemetery, Takino, 2, South Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido 005-0862

Open: 9am to 3pm

URL: https://www.takinoreien.com/pages/49/#block398-2137

GPS: 42.92057956085291, 141.3627875680047


Architect: Tadao Ando

Built: December 2015

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