Sakurarikka Park

Sakurarikka Park

10 May 2022
GPS: 42.61066903808892, 143.07343964041507

Phone: 0155-67-2311

Address: Nishi 1 Sen, Minami Satsunai, Nakasatsunai, Kasai District, Hokkaido 089-1374

42.61066903808892, 143.07343964041507
42.61066903808892, 143.07343964041507

GPS: 42.61066903808892, 143.07343964041507

If you like driving, check out Sakura Namiki Michi, a famous road lined with cherry blossoms in Hokkaido. It looks beautiful in early May. It’s in Shizunai a place famous for its 7km long cherry blossom road with 3,000 sakura, cherry blossom trees.

It is designated as one of the top 100 beautiful roads of Japan and listed in the Best 100 Sakura sights in Japan. There is also a sakura festival held in the beginning of May. The festival usually starts from the first week of May. Sakura trees are usually in full blossom then.

A terrible traffic jam usually happens in the Golden Week from the end of Hidaka Expressway, Hidaka Monbetsu Exit and Monbetsu (門別) or Toyosato (豊郷) on route 235 to Shizunai. If you want to avoid the traffic jam, you should drive early in the morning. You should double the expected time for getting there as well.

The main site is crowded with many people. But there are many food shops such as Yakitori and Japanese fast foods.

The main site is located in the Sakura tunnel that crosses Cherry-blossoms road and was the imperial farm in the Taisho era, at the beginning of 1900. You can see large fields alongside the road.

Ryu-unkaku (龍雲閣) is located at the end of Nijyukkendoro Sakura Namiki (Cherry-blossom road). You can park at Ryu-unkaku.

Ryu-unkaku was built for Emperor Taisho staying in Shizunai and some imperial families staying there. Emperor Showa also stayed there.

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