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Rumoi (2)




Address: 212-4 Onishikaminatomachi, Obira, Rumoi District, Hokkaido 078-3441

Open: 11am to 2:15pm

Closed: Monday

GPS: 44.15608563089413, 141.65831285156332

Map Code: 959 244 403*63

Service Options: Dine-in · Takeaway · No delivery

Rumoi Subprefecture Yagishiri Men Hitsuji Ranch SumireRead More!


Alcohol, Dine-in, English Post, Fish, Food, Gourmet, Hokkaido, Kid Friendly, No Delivery, Non-smoking, Obira, Parking, Rumoi, Rumoi Subprefecture, Sake, Seafood, Shochu, Shrimp, Sushi, Take-out, Takeaway

Suffolk Sheep Hokkaido

Yagishiri Men Hitsuji Ranch

Phone: 0164-62-1129 (Hoshu Farm)

The Sheep of Yagishiri Island, Hokkaido. Yagishiri is a small island in the Sea of Japan. There are about 200 people living there.

Hoshu Farm (萌州ファーム) is in central part of Yagishiri Island (焼尻島) and runs … Read More!


Animals, English Post, Farms, Islands Around Hokkaido, Nature, Rumoi, Rumoi Subprefecture, Sightseeing, Yagishiri Island

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