Where to buy Oysters in Susukino

Where to buy Oysters in Susukino

01 Sep 2021

I was told the best month to get oysters in Hokkaido is in October from the owner of the Oyster Bar in Susukino (South 3 West 7).

Live Japan says, “While you can eat them all year round, the juiciest Hokkaido oysters are found from December to February. During this time, they live in harsher conditions underneath frozen lakes, plumping them up to be insanely delicious!”

[Oysters are a superfood]
Oysters are rich in glycogen, essential amino acids, nutrients such as vitamins B1, B2, B12, minerals, and functional ingredients such as taurine. In particular, the zinc content is said to be really high. Zinc has the function of promoting cell division and metabolism, so if taken in an appropriate amount, immune cells can be activated, which usually leads to an improved immune response.

Oyster Bars in Susukino

Gotsubo Oyster Bar

4.5  (542) · Seafood
South 6 West 3, 6-8 BASE-01 · Near the Susukino Station
“Loved the fried oysters and especially the accompanying sauce.”
Dine-in, Takeaway, No delivery


4.5  (97) · Oyster Bar
South 6 West 4, 4−1 串武ビル1F
“The oysters were fresh and delicious!”

Salt Moderate

3.9  (185) · $$ · Oyster Bar
Minami 3 Jonishi, 1 Chome−2-1 チトセビル 1F
“This is a nice little Oyster bar in Sapporo.”
Dine-in, No delivery

オイスターバー バールバールプロペッチョ

4.6  (244) · Oyster Bar
South 3 West 3, 3-2 第2タムラビル 2F
Near the Susukino Station
“This is a nice place for a quiet oyster course.”
Dine-in, Takeaway, No delivery


5.0  (2) · Oyster Bar
South 6 West 4, 2-4 ススキノ野口ビル4階
Dine-in, No delivery

厚岸オイスター 牡蠣百円‼︎

4.8  (6) · Oyster Bar
6-31, South 6 West 3
Near the Susukino Station
Dine-in, No delivery


3.9  (87) · Steak
South 3 West 5, 1-1 ノルベサビル 3F


4.4  (129) · $$ · Bar
South 6 West 4, ジャスマックサッポロ 2F
In ジャスマック札幌
“This bar is dimly-lit and offers a wide selection of whiskeys, cocktails, draft beers & wine.”
Dine-in, No takeaway, No delivery


4.0  (132) · $$ · Sicilian restaurant
South 3 West 5, 1-1, ノルベサビル 7F

Oyster&Steak DINER es

4.0  (166) · $$ · Steak
North 4 West 2, 札幌TRビル 9F
Near Sapporo Station
Temporarily closed
“I was looking forward to the oysters, and was not disappointed.”

ハウスダイニング ルンゴカーニバル 総本店

3.9  (66) · $$ · Oyster Bar
South 3 West 2, 7-1, I・C・C南3条ビル
Near the Susukino Station
Dine-in, Takeaway, Delivery

銘酒と割鮮 桃林 (とうりん)

4.1  (24) · Oyster Bar
South 3 West 2, 7-2, KT3条ビル B1F
In ネクタイショップ・デュマセンティアーモサッポロ
Dine-in, Curbside pickup, No delivery

大衆アラカルト ギャルソン

3.5  (26) · Oyster Bar
South 1 West 4, 4-8, 藤井ビル 2F
Dine-in, Curbside pickup, No delivery


4.3  (148) · $$ · Snack bar
South 4 West 4, 16
Near the Susukino Station
One customer said, “This is the best bar in Japan by far. If you are in Sapporo you have to come by.”
Dine-in, Takeaway, No delivery


4.6  (44) · $ · Bar
1-8, South 2 East 1
“This is an amazing Oyster bar in Sapporo!”
Dine-in, No delivery


4.0  (241) · $$ · Oyster Bar
South 1 West 7, サントービル1F
In サントービル
Dine-in, Takeaway, Delivery

囲炉裏とお酒 ほのわ

3.9  (74) · $$ · Oyster Bar
セントラルS4ビル3F, 14-2, South 4 West 2, Sapporo
Near the Susukino Station
Dine-in, No delivery

北海道原始焼き酒場 ルンゴカーニバル すすきのF‐45店

4.0  (311) · $$ · Oyster Bar
Address: F45 Building 14F, South 4 West 5−8
Near the Susukino Station
Open: Monday to Thursday 5pm to 10:30pm
URL: https://lungocarnival-f45.gorp.jp
“We sat at the bar with friendly chefs making our food right in front of us.”
Dine-in, Takeaway, Delivery

炭火やBB 別邸

3.5  (57) · Oyster Bar
South 6 West 4-2, 野口ビル 1F
In 野口ビル
Dine-in, Takeaway, No delivery

牡蠣小屋居酒屋 なごみや一夜

3.7  (190) · $$ · Oyster Bar
South 4 West 4, すずらんビル別館 6F
In Suzuran Building
“The oysters were giant, juicy and fresh.”
Dine-in, Curbside pickup, No-contact, delivery




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