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Garo Falls
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Garo Falls

GPS: 42.6000872176269, 139.99258416341237

Phone: 0136-75-6211 (Shimamaki Village Planning Division)

Address: Garō Falls, Shimamaki, Shimamaki District, Hokkaido 048-0600


GPS: 42.6000872176269, 139.99258416341237

Name in Japanese: 賀老の滝 (がろう の たき)

Parking: 15 Cars (Free)

Shiribeshi Subprefecture Narukami Falls El Read More!

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Kamuiwakka Falls, Shiretoko Beach

GPS: 44.15908995258657, 145.1212310726494

Address: Kozakicho, Shakotan, Shakotan District, Hokkaido 046-0321

GPS: 44.15908995258657, 145.1212310726494

Area: Shiretoko Beach

Shiribeshi Subprefecture LeTAO Plaza Otaru Sokeshu Bread Making + Tomoe Coffee Niseko Paragliding Maccarina Restaurant Niseko Gelato Wilda Kaisa Rock Climbing Gym T-Niseko Aputa MichinoekiRead More!

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Mt. Tento
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Mt. Tento

GPS: 44.00116941661101, 144.24054790424313

Mount Tento (天都山, Tentozan) is a nationally designated place of scenic beauty in Abashiri, Hokkaido, Japan. Rising to a height of 207 metres, the mountain commands views over the Sea of Okhotsk, Lake Abashiri, Lake Notoro, Lake Tōfutsu, and, from afar, … Read More!

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