Kushiro Marshland

Kushiro Marshland

12 Mar 2020
GPS: 43.07411273276959, 144.32059012679284
Kushiro Marsh

The Kushiro Marshland (釧路湿原, Kushiro Shitsugen) in Hokkaido was designated as a national park in 1987 in order to preserve the country’s largest wetland and marsh habitat which supports the only known population of endangered Japanese Cranes in Japan.

The park is located between Kushiro and Akan National Park and is easily visited when traveling between the two. The park does not receive much snowfall, even in winter, and offers bird watching, nature viewing, and walking trails. Japanese Cranes can be viewed there year round and attract hundreds of photographers.

43.07411273276959, 144.32059012679284
43.07411273276959, 144.32059012679284

GPS: 43.07411273276959, 144.32059012679284



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