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Blue Pond, Shirogane, Biei
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Blue Pond, Shirogane, Biei

GPS: 43.49976818738244, 142.61376456524206


Address: Shirogane, Biei, Kamikawa District, Hokkaido 071-0235

Biei-cho, Kamikawa-gun

Blue Pond is a man-made pond feature in Biei, Hokkaido, Japan. It is the result of works on the Biei River, carried out after the 1988 eruption of … Read More!

Lake Toya
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Lake Toya

GPS: 42.63034063228065, 140.84417920362634 [map addr=”42.63034063228065, 140.84417920362634″ width=”100%” height=”400px” zoom=”8″] [map addr=”42.63034063228065, 140.84417920362634″ width=”100%” height=”400px” zoom=”16″]

GPS: 42.63034063228065, 140.84417920362634

Access: By car

About two hours from Sapporo
About one hour and a half from New Chitose Airport
About two hours and fifteen minutes … Read More!

ウポポイ Upopoy National Ainu Museum & Park
Post Number: 29/42

Upopoy National Ainu Museum & Park

GPS: 42.559494442069735, 141.36584931846144

Phone: 011-206-7427 (The Ainu Culture Foundation, Public Relations and Visitor Attraction/Relations Group)

Address: 2-3 Wakakusa-cho, Shiraoi-cho, Shiraoi-gun, Hokkaido, Japan 059-0902


[map addr=”42.559494442069735, 141.36584931846144″ width=”100%” height=”400px” zoom=”8″] [map addr=”42.559494442069735, 141.36584931846144″ width=”100%” height=”400px” zoom=”16″]

GPS: 42.559494442069735, 141.36584931846144

Open:Read More!

The Hill of Buddha Sapporo
Post Number: 30/42

Hill of Buddha

GPS: 42.92057956085291, 141.3627875680047

Phone011-592-1223 (Makomanai Takino Cemetery)

Address: Makomanai Takino Cemetery, Takino, 2, South Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido 005-0862

Open: 9am to 3pm


[map addr=”42.92057956085291, 141.3627875680047″ width=”100%” height=”400px” zoom=”8″] [map addr=”42.92057956085291, 141.3627875680047″ width=”100%” height=”400px” zoom=”16″]

GPS: 42.92057956085291, 141.3627875680047 … Read More!

Onuma Park Hokkaido
Post Number: 31/42

Onuma Park

GPS: 41.984076855577904, 140.6729172205727


Address: 1023-1 Onuma-cho, Nanae, Kameda District, Hokkaido 041-1354

[map addr=”41.984076855577904, 140.6729172205727″ width=”100%” height=”400px” zoom=”8″] [map addr=”41.984076855577904, 140.6729172205727″ width=”100%” height=”400px” zoom=”16″]

GPS: 41.984076855577904, 140.6729172205727

Onuma National Park is a 90.83 km² quasi-national park on the Oshima Peninsula in … Read More!

Post Number: 34/42

Horiji Temple

GPS: 43.0685756049609, 140.49408100379952

Phone: 0135-75-2958

Address: 58-7, Furu, Tomari, Hokkaido 045-0203


Access: 30 minutes from Iwanai bus stop (Chuo Bus – Kamoenai Line).

[map addr=”43.0685756049609, 140.49408100379952″ width=”100%” height=”400px” zoom=”8″] [map addr=”43.0685756049609, 140.49408100379952″ width=”100%” height=”400px” zoom=”16″]

GPS: 43.0685756049609, … Read More!

Post Number: 36/42

AGREATDREAM Language School

GPS: 43.06802840610664, 141.34555572580675

Phone: 011-768-8116

A 50-minute private English or Japanese lesson at AGREATDREAM.COM is only 2,600 yen (tax inc.)

No signup fees either.


[map addr=”43.06802840610664, 141.34555572580675″ width=”100%” height=”400px” zoom=”8″]

GPS: 43.06802840610664, 141.34555572580675

Around Sapporo Station Nakau APIA THE Read More!

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