Lamb Hotpot Recipe


Lamb Hotpot Recipe

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Lamb Hotpot

Lamb hotpot is popular in Nayoro City. Especially lamb hotpot with mochi. You can buy most the ingredients at Aeon supermarket too. Check out a delicious recipe for it below.

Japanese name: nikomi genghis kan


For 4 People
Roughly 521kcal per person

1 1/2 gou (cups) of mochi rice
220ml of Water
flour or potato starch, add as needed
1 pack of marinated lamb
1 onion
1/3 of a cabbage
1 long Japanese onion (naganegi, Allium fistulosum; Welsh onion)
200g bean sprouts
1 piece of abura-age (deep-fried tofu – 15cm x 7.5cm) 27.6g

abura-age (rectangular) 1 sheet 15cm x 7.5cm27.6g113.1kcal
abura-age (square) 1 sheet16.7g68.4kcal
abura-age (triangular) 1 sheet20.6g84.4kcal
abura-age (1 blocks) 10.5cm x 10.5cm x 2cm144.3g216.4kcal

How to Make it

1. Soak the glutinous mochi rice and for about 30 minutes, then drain it well, and cook it in a rice cooker with water.

2. When cooked, transfer to a bowl, and crush it with a rolling pin to make a rice cake shapes. Roll it into bite-sized pieces, beat it, and fry both sides in a frying pan.

3. Cut the vegetables to size that is easy to eat and fry them, then stew them in a pan with genghis khan, add the fried mochi rice just before eating and boil until the desired hardness.

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