Booty Burgers

Booty Burgers

12 Mar 2021
GPS: 43.051911249061874, 141.3536154630602
Booty 2F Bacon and Cheese Hamburger (100% Hokkaido Beef)

Phone: 011-521-2336

Address: 2F Booty, South 7 West 4, Susukino, Sapporo, Hokkaido

Open: For events and parties

Closed: Sunday

No entry fees

43.051911249061874, 141.3536154630602
43.051911249061874, 141.3536154630602

GPS: 43.051911249061874, 141.3536154630602

Smoking is allowed on the 1st floor (dance floor and movie room) and well as the lounge area and bar on the 2nd floor.
The restaurant on the 2nd floor is non-smoking.

There’s a restaurant on the second floor with delicious French style hamburgers.

This club/bar/restaurant also offers free entry almost all nights of the year. Unlike at some clubs where they charge different prices for men and women. Everyone is treated equally here which is cool.

Booty 2F
Booty 2F: Hot Chips/Fish & Chips
Booty 2F




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