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Gozo Cake Shop Location

Gozo Cake Shop

Phone: 011-252-9533

Address: 2-5, South 6 West 17, Central Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido 064-0806

Open: 9am to roughly 7pm (closes when the stock is sold out)

Closed: Mondays

URL: https://gozo.jp/en/

GPS: 43.05076151275697, 141.33149328055697

Basque cheesecake: Made … Read More!


Around Maruyama, Bakery, Basque Cheesecake, Cake Shop, Cakes, Central Ward, Cheesecakes, Chuo-ku, English Post, Food, Gourmet, Hokkaido, Ishikari Subprefecture, Sapporo, Take-out, Takeaway

Sokeshu Bread Making + Tomoe Coffee

Sokeshu Bread Making + Tomoe Coffee

Phone: 0136-33-6688

Address: 185-1, Nakasato, Kimobetsu, Abuta District, Hokkaido 044-0461

Open: Saturday and Sunday 10am to 5pm

Closed: Monday to Friday

URL: https://sokeshu.com/

Service Options: Dine-in · Takeaway · No delivery

Shiribeshi Subprefecture Powder Yoga Read More!


Abuta, Abuta District, Bakery, Bread, Coffee, Dine-in, English Post, Food, Gourmet, Hokkaido, Kimobetsu, No Delivery, Sapporo, Shiribeshi Subprefecture, Take-out, Takeaway


Moq Moq Bakery

Phone: 011-768-7884

Address: 2-27, North 13 West 3, North Ward, Sapporo Hokkaido 001-0013

Hours: 10am to 6pm

GPS: 43.07709799136028, 141.3489650569338

Moq Moq Bakery

Our cakes, pastries and … Read More!


Bakery, Bread, Cash, English Post, Food, Gourmet, Hokkaido, Ishikari Subprefecture, Kita-ku, Sapporo, Shops, Sweets, Take-out

Note: Due to concerns about Covid-19,
some businesses are reporting reduced hours and/or temporary closures.
Please check hours before you go.

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