Gozo Cake Shop

Gozo Cake Shop

22 Oct 2021
GPS: 43.05076151275697, 141.33149328055697
Gozo Cake Shop

Phone: 011-252-9533

Address: 2-5, South 6 West 17, Central Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido 064-0806

Open: 9am to roughly 7pm (closes when the stock is sold out)

Closed: Mondays

URL: https://gozo.jp/en/

43.05076151275697, 141.33149328055697
43.05076151275697, 141.33149328055697

GPS: 43.05076151275697, 141.33149328055697

Basque cheesecake: Made from Hokkaido’s ingredients only.

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