Kushiro Subprefecture (5)

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Cities: Kushiro (the main city); Towns and Villages by District: Akan District; Tsurui; Akkeshi District; Akkeshi; Hamanaka; Kawakami District; Shibecha; Teshikaga; Kushiro District; Kushiro; Shiranuka District; Shiranuka

Post Number: 2/5


GPS: 42.98350434043249, 144.38665556452872

Phone: 0154-65-5257

Address: 3 Chome-4, Suehiro-cho, Kushiro, Hokkaido 085-0014

Open: 5:30pm to 11pm

Closed: Sunday

URL: https://www.facebook.com/kokorozashi946/

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GPS: 42.98350434043249, 144.38665556452872


Kushiro Subprefecture Poronno Traditional Ainu Food Café Rare Encounters: An 800-Year-Old Read More!

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