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Kotoni Shinto Shrine


Address: 1-30, Kotoni 1 Jo 7 Chome, West Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido 063-0811

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URL: https://hokkaidojinjacho.jp/琴似神社/

Daiichi Torii – The First Gate

Sandou – Pathway to the Main Shrine

Choyouzusha – Washing hand facility

1. Hold a … Read More!


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The Hill of Buddha Sapporo

Hill of Buddha

Phone011-592-1223 (Makomanai Takino Cemetery)

Address: Makomanai Takino Cemetery, Takino, 2, South Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido 005-0862

Open: 9am to


Architect: Tadao Ando

Built: December 2015

The Hill of the Buddha is a Buddhist shrine at Makomanai Takino Cemetery … Read More!


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Hokkaido Jingu Shrine

Hokkaido Jingu Shrine was built in 1869, when Emperor Meiji ordered the enshrining of three deities. At the time, Hokkaido was known as Ezo but was renamed Hokkaido (Prefecture). The shrine sits on 180,000 square-meters of land filled with cherry trees. … Read More!


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