Kotoni Shinto Shrine

Kotoni Shinto Shrine

05 Sep 2021
GPS: 43.073118819214606, 141.3016984952911
Kotoni Shinto Shrine
Kotoni Shinto Shrine


Address: 1-30, Kotoni 1 Jo 7 Chome, West Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido 063-0811

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URL: https://hokkaidojinjacho.jp/琴似神社/

43.073118819214606, 141.3016984952911
43.073118819214606, 141.3016984952911

GPS: 43.073118819214606, 141.3016984952911

Daiichi Torii – The First Gate

Sandou – Pathway to the Main Shrine

Choyouzusha – Washing hand facility

1. Hold a spoon in your right hand.
2. Pick up water with the spoon, and wash your left hand.
3. Hold the spoon in your left hand, then pick up the water and wash your right hand.
4. Hold the spoon in your right hand again, then pick up water by your right hand, pouring the liquid into your left hand, to wash your mouth. (It’s good enough only to imitate the motion of rinsing your mouth.
5. Dry off your both hands with your handkerchief.

Daini Torii – The Second Gate

Anzen Jinja – Saving Pioneer Shrine 

Shin Mon – The Final Gate

Houtoku Jinja – Enshrine Japan itself Facility

Mikadoyama Kotoni Tenmangu – The God of Education’s Shrine

Haiden is the main facility

1. Gently throw money into the donation box. The most suitable donation is 5 yen because 5 yen means close relation with God in Japanese. Go-en also sounds like good luck.
2. Bow twice.
3. Clap your hands twice.
4. Pray to God, keeping both your hands together.
5. Finally, bow to God once more and exit the shrine.

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