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Tokachi is a subprefecture of Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan corresponding to the old province of Tokachi. As of 2004, its estimated population is 360,802 and its area is 10,830.99 km². Tokachi-Obihiro Airport is in the city of Obihiro. Wikipedia

Ashoro Town 足寄町 Ashoro District; Hiroo Town 広尾町 Hiroo District; Honbetsu Town 本別町 Nakagawa District; Ikeda Town 池田町 Nakagawa District; Kamishihoro Town 上士幌町 Katō District; Makubetsu Town 幕別町 Nakagawa District; Memuro Town 芽室町 Kasai District; Nakasatsunai Village 中札内村 Kasai District; Obihiro City (the main city) 帯広市; Otofuke Town 音更町 Katō District; Rikubetsu Town 陸別町 Ashoro District; Sarabetsu Village 更別村 Kasai District; Shihoro Town 士幌町 Katō District; Shikaoi Town 鹿追町 Katō District; Shimizu Town 清水町 Kamikawa District; Shintoku Town 新得町 Kamikawa District; Taiki Town 大樹町 Hiroo District; Toyokoro Town 豊頃町 Nakagawa District; Urahoro Town 浦幌町 Tokachi District

Post Number: 1/27

North Candles, Eco-friendly Soy Wax

GPS: 42.49320904550689, 143.27474356419555

Contact Details: mami @ 

Address: 26-9 Kokodori, Taiki, Hokkaido 089-2151

Open: 10:30am to 3pm Sunday 6/19th

Closed: ?



GPS: 42.49320904550689, 143.27474356419555

100% Plastic Free: Entirely plastic free packaging to … Read More!

Necchu Trattoria
Post Number: 9/27


GPS: 42.65147628294324, 143.186335200877

Phone: 0155-67-0250

Address: 93-38 Minami 1-sen, Sarabetsu, Hokkaido, 089-1502

Open: 9am to 10pm Weekdays


GPS: 42.65147628294324, 143.186335200877

Places nearby

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Sanei Farm
Post Number: 10/27

Sanei Farm

GPS: 42.44901637497448, 143.34320693101643

Phone: 01558-7-7382 FAX. 01558-7-7384

Address: 広尾郡大樹町字日方5番地1, Taiki, Hokkaido 089-2124


GPS: 42.44901637497448, 143.34320693101643

Tokachi Subprefecture Taushubetsu Bridge Cafe BuHo Kamishihoro – Promotion Video TOM – Tokachi Outdoor Mates Sanei Farm Roma No Fuku No Yu Memuro Read More!

Tokachi Makubetsu Onsen Grandvrio Hotel Hot Spring
Post Number: 12/27

Tokachi Makubetsu Onsen Grandvrio Hotel Hot Spring

GPS: 42.89915414253039, 143.25480716804952


Address: 384-1, Yoda, Makubetsu, Hokkaido 089-0571



GPS: 42.89915414253039, 143.25480716804952

Tokachi Makubetsu Onsen Grandvrio Hotel Hot Spring

Public Transit: Train – Obihiro Station 4.8 km

Closest Airports: Tokachi–Obihiro Airport 18.7 km; Kushiro Airport … Read More!

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