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Tokachi Subprefecture (24)

Tokachi is a subprefecture of Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan corresponding to the old province of Tokachi. As of 2004, its estimated population is 360,802 and its area is 10,830.99 km². Tokachi-Obihiro Airport is in the city of Obihiro. Wikipedia

Ashoro Town 足寄町 Ashoro District; Hiroo Town 広尾町 Hiroo District; Honbetsu Town 本別町 Nakagawa District; Ikeda Town 池田町 Nakagawa District; Kamishihoro Town 上士幌町 Katō District; Makubetsu Town 幕別町 Nakagawa District; Memuro Town 芽室町 Kasai District; Nakasatsunai Village 中札内村 Kasai District; Obihiro City (the main city) 帯広市; Otofuke Town 音更町 Katō District; Rikubetsu Town 陸別町 Ashoro District; Sarabetsu Village 更別村 Kasai District; Shihoro Town 士幌町 Katō District; Shikaoi Town 鹿追町 Katō District; Shimizu Town 清水町 Kamikawa District; Shintoku Town 新得町 Kamikawa District; Taiki Town 大樹町 Hiroo District; Toyokoro Town 豊頃町 Nakagawa District; Urahoro Town 浦幌町 Tokachi District

Dining Bar Flower Rock

Dining Bar Flower Rock

Phone: 0155-27-2155

Address: 1-1, West 2 South 9, Obihiro, Hokkaido 080-0012

Open: 8pm to 3am Monday to Saturday

Closed: Sunday

URL: https://www.facebook.com/BarFlowerRock

GPS: 42.9224221744942, 143.20186059250608

PR: The spacious restaurant can be used for a … Read More!


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Nissho Pass Observation Deck

Nissho Pass Observation Deck

Phone: 0156622111

Address: Shimizu, Kamikawa District, Hokkaido 089-0103

Parking: Free

It’s 750m above sea level.

It has a nice view of the Tokachi Plain.

Tokachi Subprefecture Kamishihoro – Promotion Video Dining Bar Flower Rock Nissho Pass Observation DeckRead More!


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Memuro Ski Resort

Nakasatsunai Art Village

Nakasatsunai Art Village

Phone: 0155-68-3003

Address: Sakae, Nakasatsunai, Kasai District, Hokkaido 089-1366

URL: https://www.rokkatei.co.jp/facilities/

This art museum features painters from the Tokatsu area and is surrounded by a natural grove of trees. With additional facilities like a store and restaurant, there’s … Read More!


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Necchu Trattoria

Sanei Farm

Tokachi Makubetsu Onsen Grandvrio Hotel Hot Spring

Tokachi Makubetsu Onsen Grandvrio Hotel Hot Spring


Address: 384-1, Yoda, Makubetsu, Hokkaido 089-0571


URL: https://www.route-inn.co.jp/gv/tokachi/hotspring/index.html

Tokachi Makubetsu Onsen Grandvrio Hotel Hot Spring

Public Transit: Train – Obihiro Station 4.8 km

Closest Airports: Tokachi–Obihiro Airport 18.7 km; Kushiro Airport 78.4 km

Hot Springs … Read More!


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Ikeda Wine Castle

Ikeda Wine Castle


Address: 83 Kiyomi, Ikeda-cho, Nakagawa-gun, Hokkaido 083-0002

URL: https://www.tokachi-wine.com


Ikeda Wine Castle is about a 10 minute walk from Ikeda Station, 15 minutes by car from the Eastern Hokkaido Expressway Ikeda interchange and 40 minutes … Read More!


English Post, Historic Landmarks, Hokkaido, Ikeda, Ikeda-cho, Nakagawa-gun, Sightseeing, Tokachi Subprefecture

Toyokoro Jewel Ice

Toyokoro Jewel Ice

The Jewelry Ice of Toyokoro-cho

Phone: 015-574-2216 (Toyokorocho Public Office Planning Division)

Address: Otsu Coast Observatory, Otsu Beach, Otsu Motomachi, Toyokoro-cho, Nakagawa-gun, Hokkaido

Mid-January to late February.

Access: 45 min. by car from Tokachi Obihiro Airport to Toyokoro Town

URL Read More!


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Sunflower Maze by Tokachi Honbetsu

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