Otofuke Tokachigawa Swan Festival

Otofuke Tokachigawa Swan Festival

09 Sep 2021
GPS: 42.93937953870784, 143.29971686427967

When: Mid January to Late February

Where: Tokachigaoka Park

Address: 14 Chome-1 Tokachigawa Onsen Kita, Otofuke, Kato District, Hokkaido 080-0262

A 20-minute taxi ride from Obihiro Station.

This festival has a laser show and light up with over 600 lights.

Annual Visitors: Roughly 60,000

Started: 1992

Parking: Free

URL: http://www.tokachigawa.net/sightseeing/tokachigaoka.html

42.93937953870784, 143.29971686427967
42.93937953870784, 143.29971686427967

GPS: 42.93937953870784, 143.29971686427967

Tokachi Subprefecture


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