Fromage Danish Dani LeTAO

Fromage Danish Dani LeTAO

07 Dec 2021
GPS: 43.19126717807664, 141.0070306473909

Phone: 0134-31-5580

Address: 6-6-13, Sakaimachi, Otaru, Hokkaido 047-0027

Open: 10am to 6pm


43.19126717807664, 141.0070306473909
43.19126717807664, 141.0070306473909

GPS: 43.19126717807664, 141.0070306473909

The Fromage Danish is only available at the DANI LeTAO shop.

You can enjoy a freshly baked Danishes, made from ingredients from Hokkaido. The shop has an eat in area which seats 30 and if the weather is nice you can use the open terrace area (30 seats). The open terrace can only be used during the summer though.

The crust of the danish is made with 100% Hokkaido wheat, homemade natural yeast (made from white birch sap and subaki yeast). And it is age fermented at a low temperature for 72 hours and folded into up to 27 layers.

Shiribeshi Subprefecture



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