Katsuei Sushi Kamoenai

Katsuei Sushi Kamoenai

08 Dec 2021
GPS: 43.14388906152065, 140.43184978637035
Katsuei Sushi Kamoenai

Phone: 0135-76-5841

Address: 636-5 Kamoenai, Furuu District, Hokkaido 045-0301

Open: 11am to 3pm

Closed: Mondays

43.14388906152065, 140.43184978637035
43.14388906152065, 140.43184978637035

GPS: 43.14388906152065, 140.43184978637035

Dan Yoder: I’ve been living in Hokkaido over the past ten years. I honestly believe that Hokkaido has some of the best sushi in Japan and this place is at the top of my list. I’m not overselling when i say that this is some of he best sushi in the world. Be sure to get the scallops.

Zach Moore: Honestly couldn’t write enough about this place. I have so many stories. If sushi is an art form, then this is the Leonardo Da Vinci of sushi. Its truly incredible and brings pure happiness whenever I eat there. The sushi is of proportionate size and of supreme quality (the only sushi place I’ve been to where I feel constantly full and don’t want to order more or get a snack afterwards). The restaurant has a nice home feel where it feels like your in the grandma and grandpas kitchen/house. Which speaking of, both of them are incredibly friendly, always smiling, and very attentive to make sure your getting the most out of your meal. The drive to get there is beautiful and the coast looks like its been in several movies. Whether you stick with omakase or decide to go off on your own and order what you want, you can’t go wrong. My only negative pointer for this place is that sometimes there can be too much wasabi on some of the pieces, but just don’t order wasabi if you’re afraid that it’ll be too much. Otherwise, myself and others agree, this is the best sushi in the world. Many Japanese order fish from Hokkaido or want to travel to Hokkaido because of how much better the sushi is than Honshu. So come get some authentic amazing sushi before its gone!

Shiribeshi Subprefecture



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