Moerenuma Park

Moerenuma Park

01 Jun 2022
GPS: 43.1200422038721, 141.42348428447764
Moerenuma Park

Phone: 011-790-1231

Address: 1-1, Morenuma Park, East Ward, Sapporo

Open: 7am to 10pm

Closed: No.

Charge: Free entry into the park, rental bicycles 200 yen for 2 hours, tennis courts 640 yen for 1 hour.


[map addr=”43.1200422038721, 141.42348428447764″ width=”100%” height=”400px” zoom=”8″] [map addr=”43.1200422038721, 141.42348428447764″ width=”100%” height=”400px” zoom=”16″]

GPS: 43.1200422038721, 141.42348428447764

Moerenuma Park is a landscape sculpture Mecca designed by Isamu Noguchi offering distinctive expressions of the four seasons Moerenuma Park is designed by sculpture artist Isamu Noguchi as a work of sculpture art in itself. The park was reborn from a waste disposal site and transformed into an art park representative of Sapporo over a period of 23 years. The grand scale of this project earned it the name “landscape sculpture.” Visitors can enjoy different scenery depending on the time of the day and season. Instead of picturing yourself in a park, you should probably think of yourself as being inside a huge sculpture piece.

Suggested duration of stay: 1-2 hours

East Ward


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