NTT East Sapporo Hospital

NTT East Sapporo Hospital

02 Jun 2022
GPS: 43.055957692564824, 141.3347518065229

Phone: 011-623-7000

Address: South 1 West 15, Central Ward, Sapporo

Open: 8:20am to 3:30pm

Closed: Saturdays and Sundays except for inpatients


43.055957692564824, 141.3347518065229
43.055957692564824, 141.3347518065229

GPS: 43.055957692564824, 141.3347518065229

The Wi-Fi doesn’t work properly in the inpatient rooms in this hospital unfortunately. It works from the eating area though. The nurses were very nice and helped me get food from the convenience store when I was in a wheelchair.

Around Odori Park


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