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Beer Bar NORTH ISLAND 6 types of beer


Address: 10F, Large Country Building, South 2 West 4, 10-1, Central Ward, Sapporo


Online Shop:

Hours: 5:30pm to 11:30pm (Monday to Saturday); 3pm to 10pm (Sunday) * Open until 11:30pm on the day before public holidays [Holidays] 3pm to 10pm * Open until 11:30pm on Sundays and the day before public holidays.

* Orders stop 1 hour early for food and 30 minutes early for drinks.

* [Holidays] On days and days before public holidays, the food order stop will be at 10pm on business days until 11:30pm.

Regular holiday: None but they are closed from 12/30 to 1/3 during the year-end and New Year holidays.

* Temporary closures, event sales, etc. will be announced on the store SNS.



Beer Bar NORTH ISLAND lotus root salad
Beer Bar NORTH ISLAND meat and rice

Drink menu

North Island Beer [Regular size 420ml]780 yen
North Island Beer [Small size 270ml]630 yen
Glass wine600 yen
Whiskey (rock, mizuwari, highball)600 yen
Soft drinks400 yen

Food menu

Thick sliced ​​Genghis Khan with horseradish850 yen
Pate de campagne850 yen
Homemade sausage boiled in beer1,300 yen
Homemade pickles500 yen
Roast beef and horseradish salad1,200 yen
Mackerel carpaccio850 yen
Fish & chips1,300 yen

Party menu

[Beer bar all-you-can-drink plan (2 people ~, reservation required the day before)] 90 minutes all-you-can-drink4,500 yen

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