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Sahoroko Camping Ground

GPS: 43.18089459831354, 142.82827528552374

Phone: 0156-64-0522 Shintoku Town Hall Industry Division (Japanese)

Address: Aza-Shinnai, Shintoku-cho, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido

Access: 15 km from Shintoku Station, 5 min. by car from Sahoro Dam along the Sahoro lakeside road.


GPS:43.18089459831354, 142.82827528552374

Sahoroko … Read More!

Mega Donki Houtei - Don Quijote
Post Number: 3/13

Mega Donki Houtei Odori (Don Quijote)

GPS: 43.056981637207045, 141.35256359803802

Phone: 0570-096-811

Open: 24 Hours

Address: 12-1, South 3 West 4, Central Ward, Sapporo


GPS: 43.056981637207045, 141.35256359803802

Around Odori Bearfoot Bar Sapporo Soup Curry Treasure Chao Chao Gyoza Matsuya Sapporo Ekimaedori Kirin – Dumplings & Read More!

Post Number: 4/13

La Vista Hakodate Bay

GPS: 41.76791302975462, 140.71900245637113


Address: 12-6 Toyokawacho, Hakodate, Hokkaido 040-0065


GPS: 41.76791302975462, 140.71900245637113

Parking: Roughly 170 Spaces (500 yen per night/first-come-first-served basis)

Located in the Hakodate bay area, an ideal base for businesses and sightseeing, La Vista … Read More!

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Bikkuri Donkey Susukino

GPS: 43.05482524933217, 141.3559926341977

Phone: 011-520-7621

Open: 24 Hours

Address: 8-10, South 5 West 2, Central Ward, Sapporo


GPS: 43.05482524933217, 141.3559926341977

BIKKURI DONKEY Susukino … Read More!

ウポポイ Upopoy National Ainu Museum & Park
Post Number: 11/13

Upopoy National Ainu Museum & Park

GPS: 42.559494442069735, 141.36584931846144

Phone: 011-206-7427 (The Ainu Culture Foundation, Public Relations and Visitor Attraction/Relations Group)

Address: 2-3 Wakakusa-cho, Shiraoi-cho, Shiraoi-gun, Hokkaido, Japan 059-0902


GPS: 42.559494442069735, 141.36584931846144

Open: 2020-11-1st to 2021-3-31st 9am to 5pm

Admission Fee (Including Tax):
Adults … Read More!

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