Kamui no Mori Campsite

Kamui no Mori Campsite

18 Jul 2018
GPS: 43.74614404372774, 142.31823476729335
Wanpaku Hiroba, a giant playground

Phone: 0166-63-4045 (9am to 5pm)

Address: 125 Tomisawa, Kamui-cho, Asahikawa 070-8024

Fee: 300 yen per adult + 500 yen for a place to put a tent

Check In: 11am / Check Out: Before 11am

Camp Registration: Between 11am and 5pm

There are toilets here but no showers.

Pet friendly but you must have your pet on a lead in the camp area and in the forest at all times.

43.74614404372774, 142.31823476729335
43.74614404372774, 142.31823476729335

GPS: 43.74614404372774, 142.31823476729335

It’s a free campground with large grassed areas.

There is lots of playground equipment for kids and 2 tennis courts as well.

You can have BBQs there but they don’t rent out equipment. They also have a preparation area/kitchen.

There are restrooms but no showers.

600 meters from the campground there is an ice cream pallor that sells soft server ice cream.

Asahiyama Zoo is 13km away. So it’s a very convenient area.

There is a small shop in the park as well.

Wakuwaku Egg, an indoor playground

Kids will love playing in this nature-rich park around 20 minutes from downtown Asahikawa. There are a wide range of indoor and outdoor facilities for enjoying the greenery and water, including a multipurpose athletic area, tennis court, play area and campsite. Particularly enjoyable facilities for children are the Mori no Fushigi-kan, a hands-on activity center where kids can play in the forest and learn about the plants and insects that live there; Wanpaku Hiroba, a giant playground; and Wakuwaku Egg, an indoor playground with a wide range of play equipment. These facilities were built based on many ideas from kids themselves. And with the park preserving as much of the surrounding environment as possible, you can see a wide range of small wildlife that lives in the forest. This park is popular among families with children and many of the Asahikawa locals.

Kamikawa Subprefecture



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    I love visiting Japan but we do not have as many beautiful islands here. I’m coming back again this summer.

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