Ginko Avenue, Hokkudai


Ginko Avenue, Hokkudai

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Phone: 011-716-2111

Address: Hokkaido University, North 13 West 5 to 7, North Ward, Sapporo

Fees: Free

Parking: Not available

Ginko Avenue’s Golden-Yellow Leaves

70 gingko trees stretch both sides of the street for over 380 meters.

Best Time of Year: The leaves are brilliant yellow from late October to the beginning of November.

Because many tourists visit during this time, there are times when the street is closed to vehicular traffic to ensure safety. The Hokkaido University Golden-leaf Festival is held on the last weekend of October, and besides stalls, the street is illuminated from six to nine in the evening.

Golden-leaf Festival (Hokudai Konyousai)



Usually the last week of October, Saturday and Sunday


North 13 Gate Avenue (Gingko Avenue)


Craft making, science experiments, etc.: 10:00–17:00

Stage performances: 11:00–19:00

Illuminations: 18:00–21:00

<About the Gingko Avenue> (English)

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