Moyoro Shell Mound Museum

Moyoro Shell Mound Museum

31 Jan 2022
GPS: 44.02478985391785, 144.26927382937754

Phone: 0152-43-2608

Address: 2-chome Kita1-jo Higashi, Abashiri City, Hokkaido 093-0051

Admission Fee: Adults 300 Yen, Senior High School Students 200 Yen, Elementary/Junior High School Student 100 Yen

Open: 9am to 5pm / 9am to 4pm in winter (November to April)

Closed: Always open from July to September; closes on Mondays and holidays from October to June; closes on the New Year’s holiday (December 29 to January 3)


44.02478985391785, 144.26927382937754
44.02478985391785, 144.26927382937754

GPS: 44.02478985391785, 144.26927382937754

Access: 5-minute walk from the bus stop “Moyoro Iriguchi” of Abashiri Bus

Wi-Fi: Yes

The Moyoro Shell Mound Museum was established to solve the mysteries concerning the northern ethnic group the Okhotsk people, who appeared and disappeared approximately 1,300 years ago. What has been discovered about Okhotsk culture over the 100 years since the discovery of the Moyoro shell mound is exhibited and separated in categories (dwellings, tombs and shell mounds), and you can experience the lifestyle of the Moyoro people here. One highlight is the Cemetery Area Exhibition Room, where a tomb which was actually excavated is preserved and exhibited in its original state.




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