17 Aug 2021
GPS: 43.05766377583287, 141.28709335479795

Recommended Mountains to Climb

Autumn Foliage: Sankakuyama (三角山)

Sapporo City

The Best Time to See Autumn Leaves: Mid-October to Late October

Recommended mountains to climb - autumn foliage: Mt. Sankaku; Sankakuyama; Triangle Mountain (三角山)

Sapporo City|The best time to see autumn leaves

Mt. Sankaku; Sankakuyama; Triangle Mountain

Area: Kutchan-chō, Abuta-gun, Hokkaido, Japan

Elevation: 311m

Best Time to Visit: Mid-October to late October

Approximate Course Time: About 1 hour round trip

Located in Sapporo City, Mt. Sankaku is a satoyama that can be climbed from the Yamanote trailhead to the summit in about 30 minutes. Although it is a low mountain, you can enjoy the panoramic view of Sapporo City and the satoyama with yellow leaves from the summit. If you don’t have enough time to walk, we recommend you to go further from Sankaku-san to Okukaku-san.

Click here for a hiking map and detailed information on Mt. Sankaku (Japanese)

43.05766377583287, 141.28709335479795
43.05766377583287, 141.28709335479795

GPS: 43.05766377583287, 141.28709335479795



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