Shikotan Island (Visa Needed)

Shikotan Island (Visa Needed)

12 Oct 2021
GPS: 43.794542355841166, 146.7470546046475
Shikotan Island
43.794542355841166, 146.7470546046475
43.794542355841166, 146.7470546046475

GPS: 43.794542355841166, 146.7470546046475

The total land area of Shikotan is 225 km². The island is hilly, averaging 300 metres in elevation. The shores of the island are very indented and covered with oceanic meadows. The highest altitude is 412 m. The island is formed by the volcanic rock and sandstone of the Upper Cretaceous and Cenozoic periods. There are two extinct volcanoes on Shikotan: Mount Tomari and Mount Notoro.

Shikotan’s vegetation consists mostly of Sakhalin fir, larch, deciduous trees, bamboo underbrush, and juniper brushwood.

There are two villages: Malokurilskoye, formerly Shikotan (色丹); and Krabozavodskoye, formerly Anama (穴澗) Wikipedia

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