Kurilskiy State Nature Reserve

Kurilskiy State Nature Reserve

20 Aug 2021

Phone: +7 424 55 21 502 (Reserve Administration)

Address: 5 Zarechnaya St., Yuzhno-Kurilsk, Kuril Islands, Russia 694500

Ecological Education and Ecotourism Department

kurilskiy @ mail.ru or kurilskiy @ gmail.com


Most popular sites to visit are:

  • Golovnin Volcano Caldera
  • Tyatya Volcano
  • The Pillar Cape (Stolbchaty Cape)
  • The Ptichya River and the Ptichy Waterfall. The Ptichya (aka the Bird River) is the second largest river on Kunashir Island. It is actually a series of waterfalls, the color of water changes throughout its length apparently due to mineral springs in the upper reaches of the river).
  • Veslovsky Peninsula with nesting places of the Japanese crane
  • Cape Himmerling near Rogachev Lake is a rookery of bay seal and various bird colonies
  • The Neskuchenskie Springs are the thermal springs where you can see hot gases wallowing time to time

Highest Peak: Tyatya

Elevation: 1,819 m



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