Sapporo Cinema Frontier

Sapporo Cinema Frontier

10 Jan 2021
GPS: 43.067958449404344, 141.35089260814374
Sapporo Cinema Frontier

Phone: 011-209-5400

Address: 7F, Stellar Place, JR Tower, North 5 West 2, Central Ward, Sapporo

Hours: Morning shows from 9:30am and late shows from 9pm


43.067958449404344, 141.35089260814374
43.067958449404344, 141.35089260814374

GPS: 43.067958449404344, 141.35089260814374

Sapporo Cinema Frontier Menu

Sapporo Cinema Frontier

Ticket Prices:

1,100 yen – Seniors
1,800 yen – General
1,500 yen – Students
1,000 yen – Under 15

3D shows are an extra 300 yen

Discount Tickets:

1,100 yen – First day of month
1,100 yen – Men’s day every Wednesday
1,100 yen – Lady’s day every Thursday
1,300 yen – Late show / Morning show

Sapporo Cinema Frontier has 12 screens. 3 of the projectors can screen 3D movies. 3D glasses are available for 100 yen or 300 yen for clip on glasses. The glasses can be taken home and used again to save money. 

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