Bikkuri Donkey Susukino

Bikkuri Donkey Susukino

19 Aug 2021
GPS: 43.05482524933217, 141.3559926341977
Bikkuri Donkey - Hamburg Restaurant

Phone: 011-520-7621

Open: 24 Hours

Address: 8-10, South 5 West 2, Central Ward, Sapporo


43.05482524933217, 141.3559926341977
43.05482524933217, 141.3559926341977

GPS: 43.05482524933217, 141.3559926341977

BIKKURI DONKEY Susukino Minami 5-jo

Baby Seats; Waste Oil Recovery System

Phone: 011-252-0520

Address: 1F, Dai 25 Keiwa Building, 1-18, North 2 West 3, Central Ward, Sapporo

Open: 7:30am to 11pm (Last Order 10:30pm)

Sapporo Ekimae-dori Branch

Phone: 011-207-6065

Address: B2, Hokuyou Building, Odori West 3, Central Ward, Sapporo

Open: 8am to 9pm (Last Order 8:30pm)

Odori Underground Store

Phone: 011-219-1281

Address: 2F N・MESSE Building, South 3 West 3-11, Central Ward, Sapporo

Open: 8am to 10:30pm (Last Order 10pm)

Tanuki-koji Branch

How did BIKKURI DONKEY get its name?

Bikkuri Donkey means “Surprised Donkey”. It’s a strange name, isn’t it? It’s a strange name, but once you hear it, you will never forget it, is what the owner thought.
This name was given by Akio Shoji, the founder of BIKKURI DONKEY, who loves to make people smile and feel excited. Although donkeys are not described as “cool” or “smart,” their eyes are filled with kindness, and they are always willing to work hard no matter what. “I want them to grow up strong, even if they are sluggish.” This feeling led to the name “Donkey” appearing in the store’s name.

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