Nijukken Road / Hokkaido

Nijukken Road / Hokkaido

15 Jul 2021
GPS: 42.38603298496727, 142.42249859795444
Nijyukken road (二十間道路)

Address: Shizunaitahara, Shinhidaka, Hidaka District, Hokkaido 056-0144

42.38603298496727, 142.42249859795444
42.38603298496727, 142.42249859795444

GPS: 42.38603298496727, 142.42249859795444

Nijukken Road

Nijyukken road (二十間道路)

Nijyukken road (二十間道路) is located in the southeast of Sapporo in Hokkaido. It came to be called Nijyukken as the width of the road is 36m. This is Japan’s longest row of cherry trees lining over 7km on the both sides of Nijukken road. There are roughly 3,000 cherry trees here. In Spring they almost create a tunnel of cherry blossoms and it’s a great place to take a few photos.

Nijyukken road (二十間道路)
Photo by Shinhidaka Town

Spot Information

NameNijukken Road (二十間道路)
Best ViewingEarly May – Mid-May
AddressShizunai-tahara – Shizunai-misono, Shinhidaka-cho, Hidaka-gun, Hokkaido, Japan
Access15 minute walk from Sakuraoka-shougakkou-mae bus stop on Donan Bus from Shizunai Station (JR line) *Shuttle bus available during festival from Shizunai Station
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