Toyokoro Jewel Ice

Toyokoro Jewel Ice

10 Sep 2021
GPS: 42.689320088812636, 143.6573182027556

Phone: 015-574-2216 (Toyokorocho Public Office Planning Division)

Address: Otsu Coast Observatory, Otsu Beach, Otsu Motomachi, Toyokoro-cho, Nakagawa-gun, Hokkaido

When: Mid-January to late February


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42.689320088812636, 143.6573182027556
42.689320088812636, 143.6573182027556

GPS: 42.689320088812636, 143.6573182027556

The Jewelry Ice of Toyokoro-cho

Access: 45 min. by car from Tokachi Obihiro Airport to Toyokoro Town

In winter, when it is below about -20°C (-4°F), the Tokachi river freezes. Due to the changes of temperature and tides, lumps of ice from the river break off and flow into the Pacific Ocean. The waves make them crash against each other and they become smoother forming smaller, rounded lumps of ice that get washed ashore.




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