Mt. Moiwa Night View

Mt. Moiwa Night View

18 Nov 2021
GPS: 43.02458457315092, 141.3222816426425
Mt. Moiwa Summit Observation Deck
Mt. Moiwa Summit Observation Deck

Elevation: 531m

Open: 10:30am to 10pm (Apr – Nov), 11am to 10pm (Dec – Mar), Last Ropeway Car 9:30pm

Closed: If there is bad weather and sometime in November for maintenance.


This night view in Sapporo was selected as one of the “three big night views” in October, 2015. This night view overlooks the ropeway and a MORISU car (mini cable car). It has a 360 degree view from the mountain top observatory at an altitude of 531m. It is called the “northern jewelry box”, as it shines like a diamond. You can come here during the daytime as well as at night. From the top you can see places like the Sapporo city district, the Shokanbetsu chain of mountains and Ishikari bay. It’s possible to drive up to the midway station in summertime by car (Moiwayama sightseeing motorway) but it costs money at the Mid station. In winter, it is closed. At the Mid station, there is a gift shop where you can get a large selection of original products of the mascot character “MORISU”, and there is also a takeout section next to a planetarium. There is also a casual French restaurant where you can have a meal while enjoying the scenery named “THE JEWELS”. The restaurant is at the top station. It’s a barrier free building, full of equipment in order to allow many people to enjoy the facilities. There are guide announcements at the ropeway MORISU car stop in English, Chinese and Korean.

Parking: 120 Cars

Hiking Course Time: About a 2 hour round trip (Jikei Course)

43.02458457315092, 141.3222816426425
43.02458457315092, 141.3222816426425

GPS: 43.02458457315092, 141.3222816426425

Mt. Moiwa Food from the restaurant The Jewel
Food from the restaurant The Jewel

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